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Latchley & Chilsworthy & Cox Park Show
Photos taken during recent shows
(The next show is on Saturday 27th July 2019)

Photo galleries for recent years are available - click the links below in the left hand column. The photos in the gallery are not in any particular order: have fun browsing! Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image - which should adjust itself to the size of your window.

Pictures by Ken Honey.

Readers are welcome to download for their own personal use any pictures that are of interest. It is not appropriate to use them for any other purpose - especially not for commercial gain.

Some people are reluctant for recognizable images of themselves or family to appear in public places such as this. Whilst we would point out that there is no law in the UK to restrict the taking or publication of such pictures we are anxious not to cause any upset. If you have good reason for requesting us to take down any picture then please contact the shedule secretary as listed in the Show Schedule.