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Fun at the LCCP Show

The band plays for showgoers at the LCCP show

Children racing at the LCCP Show

Latchley Chilsworthy and Cox Park Dog Show

Latchley Chilsworthy Cox Park
Annual Show - Saturday 27th July 2019 - from 12 noon.

Welcome Message

"As a gardener, one of my favourite phrases is... 'Theres no such thing as bad weather- just inappropriate clothing.'
Well, having worked through one of the hottest summers I can remember since 1976, I seized the opportunity to jettison my workboots, grubby jeans & secateurs, to don a frock & look respectable in my role presenting the trophies at the 2018 Latchley, Chilsworthy & Coxpark Show.
Inappropriate clothing indeed: I curse the vagaries of the Cornish weather!
The relentless rain did it's utmost to dampen the day & spirits, but the refusal of organisers, exhibitors & the public to be denied an enjoyable afternoon, resulted in a wonderful defiance in the face of the elements.
Upon my arrival, it was clear that the warmest of welcomes & enthusiasm for this annual event would override everything.
What a real sense of tradition, pride & 'localness' - a great opportunity for people to meet up, for friends & family to share & participate in something that illustrates the value of community spirit & sadly, is in grave danger of becoming extinct.
With each passing year, putting on the show becomes more & more of a challenge. Rising costs, insurances, red tape & lack of new volunteers to assist those 'hardy perennials' who have given so much of their time since the year 'dot' & perhaps would like to take a back seat!
Local events of this nature are becoming 'rare breeds' in themselves, so in order to preserve them, they need as much help as they can get. We all have busy lives & time constraints, but offering a little help is better than none at all.
The organisers understand that it's impossible to eat an elephant in one bite, but hopefully 2019 will see an increase in support/ volunteers to secure the shows future for a few years to come.
Thank you once again for inviting me to a gem of a show: it was a delightful day & an absolute pleasure to have been involved.

With all good wishes
Sharon Moses
From BBC Radio Cornwalls' 'Gardenline' 

LCCP Show pony judging